Predator vs AQ’s

Today the NYT’s propaganda machine, on this page, discussed the 9/11 Memorial Service at Ground Zero, and never leaving a chance to bash GW Bush and Bolster BO untaken, proceeded to stuff the article with descriptions of how Mr. Obama had exponentially increased the use of UAV’s and killed lots of bad guys, compared to the meager yield under tentative Bush’s purview.

What they leave out is the Predator Program, originally developed under the Clinton Administration, with less than a dozen planes and one squadron, was upsized, armed and deployed under the Bush administration, with now 4 complete squadrons, additional Special Forces and CIA squadrons, and about 5 times as many planes and operators.   The augmented systems became available for use as Obama took office thanks to the efforts of the Bush administration.

The system had been upgraded continually with a major change allowing central operations from Creech AFB (previously Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Field under Clinton), reducing the number of personnel needed to deploy the UAV and keeping the pilots and sensor operators in CONUS, along with their sensitive raw data analysis.  Additional weapons and UAV upgrades increased the hardiness of the UAV and increased its loiter time.  All in time for Mr Obama to exploit this system, which the USAF, CIA and Special Forces have done under his command.

However, it is disingenuous to give Mr. Obama all the credit for the current system’s success, as the NYT implies in this article.

It’s all Bush’s fault.


One thought on “Predator vs AQ’s

  1. epador says:

    Heh, “you did not build this” anticipated by almost a year.

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