Animal Farm

Recent front page topics at The Daily Astorian, my local liberal branch of the MSM, included in order an article about the local overpopulation of deer within the city limits, the multiple sightings of a cougar within the city limits, and an overpopulation of feral cats along the popular river walk in town.

I think that this offers a metaphor and literary reference that so far have evaded the local editorial page.  The deer are protected from predation by law, thus they multiply without restraint.  The cougar is ranging this time of year, and as the city offers a rich diet of deer and small animals (small pets as well as the numerous feral domesticates), this is a fine destination for it.  Thus the locals who find the deer cute and feed them, sometimes by hand, and the kind elderly lady and her friends that feed and enable the feral felines within the city limits, share responsibility for attracting large predators that endanger humans.

I find a parallel with the generous entitlement programs in Washington and Oregon coupled with cheap housing and a mild climate, that attract many who live off government entitlements from California, Idaho and beyond.  Indeed as benefits change, there are many here along the border who move back and forth from WA to OR to maximize their support.

In both situations it appears impossible to generate acknowledgement from the enablers of these situations that they share responsibility for the ill results of their well intentioned actions.

Perhaps someday, there will be a movement, the meetings of which will begin with each member standing and greeting:  “Hello, my name is John, and I am a liberal enabler.”  Until then, the meetings resemble more those chaired by Napoleon, in Eric Blair’s novel.


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