Monthly Archives: May 2014


Monday is less than 6 hours away. I’ve spent Friday through now just organizing and doing stuff that most weekends entail. Tomorrow is for remembrance.

On a very personal level, there are a number of veterans of World War II and the Cold War who I have to thank for where I am and what I am able to be doing at this time. They are my parents and their close friends, who were also their colleagues, in uniformed and intelligence services for well over a hundred years combined service. They raised me, taught me important values and were role models. They left me some money, and a house. They left me books, pictures, diaries, letters and what is best lumped together as STUFF.

Sadly however, they have all left me and this world.

For my parents and their closest best friend couple, I am the only heir.

So I do feel a weight of responsibility to honor them. I am trying.

There is what I do for a living and a purpose; there is what I try to teach and share with my children, step-children, and anyone else who will listen; and there is my partnership in marriage that will carry through my final years.