Conduct Unbecoming a Professional

I lost my filters of civility a while back. I’m not sure if it was right after signing another premature Death Certificate, at the funeral of some folks who died doing their job ( and left me wondering if there was anything I could have done to prevent their demise ), finding my father sitting alone in a darkened hospital ER waiting room 12 hours after his wife died in his arms waiting for me to travel the 1000 miles it took to get to him, or years later just hearing one more doctor complain how busy they are and they don’t have the time to call me and coordinate care at that very same ER.  But I sure didn’t exhibit much filtering after the last example.  And it did replay all those other examples from my memory banks.

This result came after a hostile call berating me for unprofessional behavior: sending a fax to ER letting them know they had seen my patient [who had identified me as her physician] and prescribed two medications inappropriately and potentially dangerous to the patient’s health, and referred her to follow up to another physician instead of me, requesting yet again that I be contacted to provide pertinent information to the ER and coordinate care when my patients are seen there for more than trivial issues.

Apparently I used the wrong fax line – the one I use for all my faxes to the ER of pertinent medical information.  That was very unprofessional, apparently.  Lazy negligence, by the treating ER providers, apparently is not.  At least that’s what I was told by the scolding ER Director.

I’ve spent all day wondering why I don’t just retire and say to Hell with it.

One thought on “Conduct Unbecoming a Professional

  1. epador says:

    Still thinking.

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