Monthly Archives: August 2015

Addressing Responsibilities

Zubin Damatia’s ZDoggMD rap and his companion article at set me to thinking about the greater lack of addressing or sharing responsibility rampant in society and families that complicates my personal and professional life.

I see time and time again a spouse, usually the man, who has controlled every decision and choice in the family, become mentally disabled from acute or chronic illness and leave their partner and progeny adrift in taking on momentous end-of-life decisions.  And taking up the reins of responsibility for their own lives.  Sometimes its a train wreck, sometimes a rewarding life experience of growth.  Sadly preventible if the controller had taken the real responsibility of planning for the future and developed strengths in family members rather than enabling dependency.

The greater picture of out political and societal dysfunction we see crashing down around us at this time is a larger example of the personal and family crisis of end-of-life decisions that started this train of thought.  I pray but am sadly afraid we are in the midst of an end-of-life situation for our Republic with everyone including the patient in dread denial insisting on continuing their self-destructive and enabling behaviors.  Too many times I’ve seen this not end well in the small scope to believe there’s no chance it will not end well in the larger picture.